Lowering the cost of long-duration energy storage
Cheesecake Energy
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The design

Cheesecake Energy is developing advanced compressed air energy systems to store energy from intermittent renewables, turning them into reliable power on-demand.

Low cost

Cheesecake Energy has patent-pending technology that stores compressed air and heat cost-effectively.


With a modular, containerised design, Cheesecake systems can be set up in a wide range of environments.

Proven technologies

Off-the-shelf compressor hardware, air stores and electrical machinery all contribute to low project risk.


How Cheesecake Energy came into being

  • 2016

    Founding of CEL

    The team observes solar PV costs plummeting but the full potential is still not being exploited. Cheap long-duration storage is recognised as the key enabler, and the the team gets to work.

  • 2017-19

    Initial testbed

    Our innovative thermal storage units undergo testing. Further IP is recognised and design and analysis cycles prepare the ground for our 200kW/1MWh demonstrator.

  • 2019-20

    Building the demonstrator

    Having partnered with a large industrial corporation, Cheesecake Energy Ltd seeks a £500k grant to fund final design and manufacture of the modular demonstrator plant.

  • 2020-21

    Launching a prototype

    A 1MW/8MWh full-scale system design is optimised, leveraging the experiences learned from the demonstrator programme.

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Our Team

Mike Simpson


Prof. Seamus Garvey

Technical lead

Paul Codd

Commercial lead

Dr. Bharath Kantharaj

Compressed air specialist

Dr. Bruno Cardenas

Thermal store specialist

James Garvey

Design engineer

Alongside our permanent staff, significant contributions continue to be made by a range of Cheesecake Energy associates.

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