The World's Greenest Battery

In a future low-carbon energy system, storage will be needed at all points of the electricity system. CEL’s system can deliver benefits all the way along the electricity value chain, at generation, distribution and consumption.


EV Charging

The current low voltage electricity grid is not equipped to handle the rapid adoption of electric vehicles which will require fast charging infrastructure.

CEL’s technology gives up to 4x the charging capacity from the same grid connection, reducing costs and making electric fleets possible sooner. End users of CEL’s technology will also save on grid connection upgrade costs, be able to maximise their use of cheaper and greener sources of electricity, and participate in revenue-generating grid stability services.

Renewable Generation

As increasing levels of renewables are integrated into the electrical system, operators will need to rely on longer- duration storage to balance energy delivery.

SuperTanker helps renewable plant operators to address the intermittency issues of renewable energy and perform more like conventional generating plants. In the process, energy storage can also help plant operators create new revenue streams and maximisze plant profitability.


For microgrid developments and off-grid communities, energy storage plays a key role in the successful integration of renewable sources to prevent outages.

CEL’s SuperTanker system supports the reliable, resilient, and cost-effective operation of microgrids. Our high capacity battery helps to balance generation and load, integrate intermittent renewables, and provide an opportunity for earning additional revenue through grid services.


Energy-intensive heavy industry companies are under increasing investor & government pressure to curb carbon emissions. Petrochemical and mining operations particularly face high energy costs well above those for typical grid-connected energy users, to transport fuel and run diesel generators.

SuperTanker enables heavy industry companies to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and the environmental impact of these industries by enabling deeper integration of renewable energies.

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