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CEL at a Glance

Inspired by market pull from the global mining industry and formally incorporated in 2016, based on over 10 years of prior research at the University of Nottingham, CEL is a startup on a mission to accelerate the decarbonisation of the supply of electricity around the world by making energy storage more affordable.

The company’s flagship product eTanker is a modular and containerised thermal and compressed air energy storage system particularly well suited to medium-scale, medium-duration applications (150 kW - 30 MW, 0.75 MWh - 300 MWh).

The company is currently designing a prototype system for completion in Q2 2022 which will be deployed with a local vehicle depot for the charging of electric vans using renewable energy.

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The opportunity

Valued at $59 billion in 2019 with a combined energy storage deployment of 164 GWh, the International Energy Association (IEA) estimates that in order to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, the world will need approximately 266 GW of energy storage by 2030. Under current trends, Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that the global energy storage market will hit that target, and grow quickly to a cumulative 942 GW by 2040 (representing $620 billion in investment over the next two decades). 

In a future low-carbon energy system, storage will be needed at all points of the electricity system. CEL’s system can deliver benefits all the way along the electricity value chain, at generation, distribution and consumption.  

Energy Storage Market Sizes

The CEL Advantage

No competing technology offers the combination of features which are ideal for the medium scale, medium-long duration applications which most transportation, commercial, industrial and urban environment customers require. ​​

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eTanker is the world’s greenest energy storage technology. It has the lowest cradle to grave environmental footprint of any comparable system

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The eTanker system is a thermo-mechanical energy storage system which stores energy as compressed air and heat. It has significantly lower capex than the market leading alternative, and lower total cost of ownership.

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Power and energy capacity are scaled independently of one another, helping size projects efficiently and further reduce capex. 

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eTanker helps keep electricity grids more stable, and delivers 4x more energy than lithium-ion batteries without losing capacity over its 25 year lifetime.

Invest in The Future

Investing in Cheesecake Energy is an opportunity to become a part of something bigger: to invest directly in a technology that will facilitate a more affordable energy transition and transform our electrical ecosystem for the better.

With your investment, our development will help to increase renewable generation and improve access all around the world.

  Besides the feel-good factor that investing in CleanTech brings, there are plenty of other reasons to invest in Cheesecake Energy...

Unlike Lithium Ion, the current market leader, CEL ensures its sustainability from end to end. Its value chain is free of conflict, all batteries suffer minimal degradation and are fully recyclable

The skills and spare parts required for maintenance are widely available in the automotive repair industry which is relevant in developing countries where battery commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning skills are rare

CEL’s core mission – to unlock a fast and affordable transition to a low carbon future – is well-aligned with a number of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We recognise their strategic importance for our business and for the world and are dedicated to helping achieve them

Through the use of repurposed truck engines, wider manufacturing of our energy storage systems will provide a ‘Just Transition’ and offer of alternative employment for automotive industry workers as car manufacturing facilities wind down to reach the UK Governments’ goal to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030

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We are EIS Approved

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is a government-backed initiative offering tax reliefs to UK taxpayers who buy new shares in qualifying companies.

Development Roadmap

Partners & Investors

CEL has developed an impressive list of partners and suppliers to ensure success in bringing our novel energy storage technology to market.

Like this:

Cheesecake Energy Ltd is registered in England and Wales. Company number 10317962. 
Registered address: Ingenuity Centre, Triumph Road, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG7 2TU

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