The World's Greenest Battery
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Introducing eTanker

Cheesecake Energy’s eTanker energy storage system is a stationary, medium to long-duration energy storage solution which delivers cheap, reliable, efficient energy storage in a modular, containerised package.

The technology stores energy in the form of heat and pressurised air, re-tasking ex-service truck engines to become zero-emission electrical power-conversion machines for putting energy into storage and recovering it from storage. The resulting system does not use diesel or any fuel. It is safe, straightforward to operate, has a lifetime of up to 25 years and can deliver turnaround efficiencies of around 70%.

Meet the team developing the world's greenest battery


long life

Low degradation, 25+ year lifetime

Low degradation

10,000 cycles, 100% depth of discharge

low cost

Low cost, earth abundant materials


Mechanical inertia to support a variety of grid stability services


Modular for deployment anywhere


No emissions or harmful chemicals

How it Works


eTanker uses electricity to charge the system by powering an electric motor to drive an air compressor which creates high pressure air, and a lot of heat.

This high-temperature heat is captured and stored separately in a thermal store, alongside the high-pressure compressed air held in an air tank, which by this time has been cooled to ambient temperature.

The battery can then be discharged by running the process in reverse by using the heat in the thermal store to re-heat the high pressure air, and expanding it through the expanders, which drives a generator at constant speed, creating high quality AC electricity.

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Longer Lifetime

Lithium-ion currently dominates the market for new medium-scale projects. Whilst it is well suited to mobile applications and for delivering short bursts of power to the grid, for stationary applications that need to deliver power for many hours at a time, it is a costly and environmentally damaging solution.

CEL’s eTanker system can supply full power for up to 20 hours at a fraction of the cost over 25 years versus lithium-ion’s 5-10 year lifetime. And unlike lithium-ion, eTanker can be fully recycled, with the lowest lifetime environmental footprint.

Towards a Circular Economy

At Cheesecake Energy, we’re driven by circular economy principles from design and manufacturing through to implementation and maintenance. Our mechanical system utilises benign, plentiful, and fully recyclable raw materials to ensure a negligible environmental footprint. 

For its air compressors, our eTanker system reuses ex-service truck engines, using electric motors to drive the pistons and compress air, all without combustion or emissions. Instead of custom-made pressure vessels, the system stores the high-pressure air in skids from the compressed natural gas industry, allowing for faster deployment times as well as exploiting existing supply chains and substantial economies of scale.

Circular economy Cheesecake Energy

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