The World's Greenest Battery

CEL Energy Storage Pilot Programme

Investing in new technology is key to modernising our electrical grid, growing our use of renewables and helping the UK to achieve Net Zero.

To better learn how energy storage can be a part of this solution, we’re inviting eligible customers to purchase and install CEL’s innovative eTanker storage system at their business. 

As a pilot customer, you’ll have the opportunity to trial our energy storage solution before it becomes available to the wider public.

Why Get Involved?

Demonstrate your commitment to climate action

Expand your knowledge of energy efficiency solutions that can benefit your business

Contribute and help shape the future of CEL’s eTanker product

Support the growth of a UK startup tackling one of the greatest challenges of our time


Be first in line to trial the world’s greenest battery at your business.

“An energy miracle is coming, and it's going to change the world"

Bill Gates


This pilot programme is a critical part of CEL’s research and development pipeline. Your participation will allow us to hit critical mass faster, meaning customers can access our systems and start reaching their decarbonisation goals faster. 

Our Technology

Cheesecake Energy’s eTanker energy storage system is a stationary, medium to long-duration energy storage solution which delivers cheap, reliable, efficient energy storage in a modular, containerised package.  

The technology stores energy in the form of heat and pressurised air, re-tasking ex-service truck engines to become zero-emission electrical power-conversion machines. The resulting system does not use diesel or any fuel. It is safe, straightforward to operate, has a lifetime of up to 25 years and can deliver turnaround efficiencies of around 70%. 

We’ve already been successful testing our prototype system in a lab environment and will soon integrate the prototype system into a live customer site for the charging of an electric vehicle fleet. Our pilot programme will allow us to test and demonstrate the reliability of our technology with a variety of customers with unique storage needs and challenges, establishing crucial field experience to lay the groundwork for our commercial expansion. 

Apply Now

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When does the pilot programme start?

Applications to be a part of our pilot programme close at 5pm November 12th. The pilot will begin in December in phases with selected companies. 

How much does it cost?

We cannot provide a fixed price without first establishing your suitability for the pilot programme. Once we have assessed your application questions and confirmed your suitability, we will work with you to deliver the system at lowest possible cost and will explore a range of financing options to fit your application. 

How many systems are available?

Our team will work through the selection process over the coming weeks. There are a limited number of systems available, and we will not be able to approve everyone—we will, however, keep your application and reach out to those interested if new systems become available. 

How long will the eTanker storage system last?

Our systems have an expected lifetime of approximately 25 years.

Is the eTanker storage system safe?

Our energy storage systems are incredibly safe. eTanker releases no emissions and uses no hazardous chemicals.

Like this:

Cheesecake Energy Ltd is registered in England and Wales. Company number 10317962. 
Registered address: Ingenuity Centre, Triumph Road, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG7 2TU

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